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Literature and Education

We have a dedicated library containing a plethora of books and magazines and seating area where brewers and home flavor adventurers can come together, learn, share ideas and find answers to questions they have about their projects.



We want to increase our knowledge and understanding of fermenting and we want to discover it with you.

NOW OPEN! Confident Brewer is a home fermentation and brew supply specialty store located in Sierra Vista, Arizona. In addition to providing beer kits, we offer supplies for all grain brewing and wine making. Find a broad spectrum of starter cultures for natural fernentations, cheesemaking, kombucha and more. Discover locally sourced products like honey, chilies, and various dried fruits and spices. Learn by browsing our library and talking with knowledgeable enthusiasts in our southern Arizona community.


Be a Confident Brewer!


We carry a large inventory of home beer and wine making equipment and supplies. We believe flavor begins and ends at home.


Beer kits


Wine kits


All-grain beer supplies


Yeast and hops


Flavor adjuncts: honey, chilies, seasonal crops


Kettles, carboys, recipes, books and more


Cochise County's cool, high-desert climate makes it possible to grow hops and grapes. In fact,  about 75% of Arizona wine grapes are grown in Cochise County. Neighboring Santa Cruz County is home to the popular Sonoita/Elgin wine growing region. We are surrounded by pioneers in the Arizona wine, beer, and distilled spirits industries.  We are uniquely located in between the two largest wine growing regions in the state so we thought it only natural to provide supplies to enthusiasts here in the beautiful Sierra Vista area.


Beer or wine? You decide!



As parents of small children and unrepentant foodies, we are excited about the nearly untapped health and flavor possibilities in home fermentables. From kefir, to Kim chi, to kombucha there is a whole universe of immune boosting and nutritional benefits in an incredibly simple, safe way to utilize foods at home.


Handmade fermentation crocks


Seasonal local ingredients


Cheese kits


Soda and sarsaparilla kits


Starters, recipes, books and more



The most important purpose of our store is to serve as a place to connect the community. We believe in flavor.  Flavor that comes from having fresh ingredients; flavor from creating something in your own home; flavor in your food, drink and community culture.


We have been living and working in Sierra Vista for four years and look forward to many more.  Sierra Vista will be a perfect place to raise a family and explore new adventures in flavor.


We want to come together and learn from each other.    We want to help you seek out flavor in ways that not only make your mouth happy but also make your families healthier and your community stronger.

Brew Forth! -- Gabe & Rose

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